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Fort Wayne is strategically located in the I-69 corridor which runs from Indianapolis through southern Michigan manufacturing belt and is convenient to the I-80/I-90 system. These connections allow for easy access to many primary markets including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and points beyond. More than 1/3 of all Americans and 2/3 of all Canadians live within one day’s travel of Fort Wayne and half of all manufacturers produce 2/3 of their domestic goods within one days travel.

The business climate in Fort Wayne is outstanding with many initiatives available to enhance the supply chain industry. Financial incentives to include tax abatements and an outstanding workforce with a strong work ethic add to the attractiveness of Fort Wayne.

All modes of transportation are readily available and provide significant opportunities of trans-loading truck to rail and rail to truck. All major TL and LTL carriers are located in the area including the NS Thoroughbred service. NS, as well as new regional carriers like Rail America. Fort Wayne International Airport is a growing air hub and is attracting new businesses that are looking for uncongested air service capabilities.

CWC was founded in Fort Wayne in 1971 and has grown to the vibrant operation that exists today. Two facilities are located in NE Fort Wayne and provide warehousing, distribution, crossdock, J.I.T. deliveries, pick pack and a host of value added services to our supply chain partners. CWC Transportation is a key component of our turn key operations, providing regional LTL, TL and dedicated services to our client base.

Daily, weekly and monthly coordination, reporting and auditing functions are completed with the current client focusing on external and internal KPI’s and standard operational processes. Detailed reporting is provided by Maves WMS and includes a full menu of Crystal Reports products.

Industries served:

Automotive components and parts
Food and food related
Electrical components and parts
Home Electronics
RV Industry

For more information please contact, or call the CWC Home Office at 800-397-7825.

Request for Proposal

3402 Meyer Road
Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne Economic Development

Square Feet: 300,000
Ceiling Height : 22’ - 48’
Truck Doors 28

Distance to Interstate: 4 miles (I-469)

Distance to Small Package Carriers

UPS 11 Miles
Fed X 15 Miles
Fed X Ground 15 Miles

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